Selmer Truevoice - Stadium TV19
Selmer Truevoice - Stadium TV19  Back view
I used a Selmer Stadium TV19 just like this one back in my Wildcats days.  I bought it in 1960 or '61 on the "never never".... which is a payment plan.  That's how I bought just about all my gear.  It had a crankin' 14 watts of power!!  Pretty good back then I guess.  This wasn't my first amp, but it was the first serious amp that I owned.  I can't remember the names of the amps I had before this one.  For more details on these amps, go to my links page & click on Selmer.

Selmer Twin Selectortone 30 Watt Amplifier.  This was my next purchase (1962) after the TV19.   I had it while in The Wildcats and it carried me into the early days of The Animals until Vox gave me my first AC30.
These photos are courtesy of Terry Miles fom Bournemouth England.

PIX of my '64 AC30 + '65 VOX AC30 Top Boost still to come

Around the later part of '65 I started using the VOX Super Beatle amp for gigs in the U.S.  I continued to use my VOX AC30 in the studio.

Fender Hot Rod Deville 4 x 10 CONTROLS FOR THE HOT ROD DEVILLE 4x10
I have also used a Fender Hot Rod Deville
4 X 10 since 1997. 

I used this amp at numerous gigs from the end of '97 to mid 2000.   I loved this amp.  The only reason I sold it was because it had UK voltage and I now live in the U.S.. 

This is the amp that I am currently using.  It is the VOX AC30TBX - 30 watt amplifier with 2 x 12"  VOX Blue Alnico speakers.  These speakers sound great!  I purchased this (Oct 2001) from North Coast Music.  Excellent service. Thanks Gary! 



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