Looking To The Sun - Reflections of my life.

River Tyne - Memories of my hometown

Wreck of the Old '97  - This is a traditional folk tune that I used to sing back when I was 13, fronting my skiffle band The Heppers.

Ballad of a Crystal Man - This is a song that Donovan composed for his Fairy Tale LP.  Donovan was a friend of mine and I still love this album so it just felt right to cover one of his songs.

Probably 3rd St - Original instrumental

For John  - I dedicate this original instrumental to my friend John who died November 2000.

Diggin' My Potatoes  - This is a traditional folk song that I used to sing back with The Heppers.

Working Class Hero  - A John Lennon classic on which I've put my own touch.

Peace- This song first appeared on my solo album of original compositions back in 1970.

Run Run Run  - I wrote this song while I was in Spain watching some children play. This also appeared on that LP.

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Audio 2

These are LONGER audio clips from Hilton's  CD: Skiffledog - It's Folk 'N' Skiffle, Mate! ($15.00 ~see the Merch page)

The download times for these clips are between 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 minutes for a 56K modem - or instantaneous for you lucky Broadband customers.  The actual clips are about 1 1/2 mins.