OK, this is turning out to be an extremely difficult task.  I wanted to present this as a complete page, but I see now that this is an excruciatingly slow process that I don't think will ever be complete.  If anyone can help out with photos, that would be great.  If I had only kept track of my gear ( I was totally out of my mind back then) and held onto it, this wouldn't be a problem.  There is a link for AMPS at the end of this page.

1960 - Me and my Futurama
Futurama III

This guitar was just one in a series of progressively better guitars that I owned.  It looked cool and was in my price range.  As stated in the book, Futurama was the brandname of UK importer Selmer.  I used Selmer amps (see AMPS link at the bottom of the page) but that was not a consideration when I bought this.   I purchased it new in either '59 or '60 and used it during my Wildcats days.  George Harrison had a Futurama as well, but his had "Resonet" on the scratchplate - an almost identical guitar.  I gave this guitar to Tappy Wright (who was in The Wildcats and later the Animals' road manager) when I bought a Burns guitar (below).

Futurama III  '59 or '60
Burns Vibra-Artiste 

(Right) This photo was taken in 1961 at one of the many gigs we did at the Tynemouth Working Mens Club.  My friend Ronnie McKenzie (Mad Mac) is on drums.  I bought the guitar (1960 model) in either late '60 or early '61.  I can't remember what happened to this guitar.  My next purchase was the Gretsch shown below.

(Left) The photo of this guitar is courtesy of the website via Isabel Soriano who runs a spanish Animals website.  It is the one I used to have a link to, but I didn't use it here because it was too dark.  She lightened up the photo for me to use.  This guitar is exactly like the one I used with The Wildcats.  Gracias Isabel!

Me with my 1960 Burns Vibra-Artiste
Wake up Valentine!  1964
Gretsch Tennessean
- 1962 I believe

(Left) I purchased this guitar at a guitar shop in Newcastle in early 1962 when I was still with The Wildcats.  Yet another choice that George Harrison and I shared.   I continued using this guitar with The Animals - including House of The Rising Sun - until I started getting all the freebies from Rickenbacker and VOX. 

(Right) I nicked this photo off a site that I couldn't ask permission from because the only thing on it I could read was the description of the guitar.  The rest was just squares and symbols.   If anyone out there can give me a closeup full length detailed photo to use I would really appreciate it.

1964 Rickenbacker Rose Morris Model No. 1997
1964 Rickenbacker Rose Morris

The Rickenbacker Rose Morris model number 1997 was issued in 1964 for exclusive distribution in Britain.  I obtained this one when Rickenbacker gave it to me along with a 12 string that I believe was model number 1993 as that was issued under the same circumstances as the 1997.   I am trying to find pictures of me using the Rick 12 String.  When I do, I'll know if it was in fact the 1993.  Björn has a photo of the 1993.  I will add it to the site when I can confirm that that was in fact the model I had.  That is a Rose Morris in my hands on the main page as well.  Björn's photo on the left is of a 1964 original Rose Morris 1997 - not a reissue guitar.

Me with my Rickenbacker Rose Morris Model No. 1997
VOX gave me this 12 String sometime in late '64 early' 65.  I cannot remember the model name, if they assigned one at all.  I just knew it as the Tear Drop 12 String.    I believe it was a prototype and never mass produced.  Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones also had a VOX prototype but his was a 6 string.  This photo is from the American LP Animal Tracks. I cannot post a proper photo in this space because I have no idea what happened to my guitar.  Only the person that now owns it can help me out. 
Hello, VOX?  Is anyone still around that may have records (or at least a reliable memory) as to what guitars they gave to the bands? 
1966 Fender Telecaster 1966 Fender Telecaster

A guy from New York by the name of Deering Howe brought this guitar (brand new - case and all)  to me at a gig in N.Y.  I can't remember where.  I couldn't forget his name though because it was so unique.  **update Jan. 2002** Deering just got in touch with me and it was in fact a gift from him.  He was upset that I couldn't remember it.  I quote him: "You think  I would make you pay for a guitar? It was a gift you a**hole . A thank you for all the great music you turned me on to. "   Unfortunately, the ending to this guitar story is the same as the others.  Sorry mate. 

Me + my Tele 1966

These are the 3 guitars that I now play.  Hold your cursor over the photo for a description.  The Martin 12 String was purchased from Guitar Center.   Thanks to Dave Weiderman from the Hollywood store for arranging the deal !  Another thank you to the CT store.

1997 Custom Fender Mahogany Thinline Telecaster - # 8 of 15
2001 Custom Martin  J1216 RGT - #74 of 200
'96 or '97 Guild Limited D25


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