Hilton Valentine Interviews

JAN 30, 2012
Michalis Limnios
Blues.GR is the online community of people that got the blues in Greece

JUNE 26, 2011
Eric Haftel - Yahoo!

MARCH 31, 2011
 Art Council of Greater New Haven

FEBRUARY 3, 2011
SPOTLIGHT on Long Island

  Flagpole Magazine: Colorbearer of Athens, GA Creating a brighter future
Q&A with Hilton Valentine
An Animal Loose in Athens

Click the DRC FM Logo to hear
Hilton's interview with WDRC DJ Mike Stevens
that took place May 18, 2007

July 2006 for August 2006 issue
David Wilson, publisher of ToneQuest interviews Hilton in great length
You can't read any of it online but it is an excellent
interview; the most extensive in years and features super photos!
You can purchase the mag on their website Vol. 7 Number 10

Jan 2006 for Sept 2006 issue

Gary James' Interview With Hilton Valentine of The Animals
JAN 2005

interviews@XMFAN:  Hilton Valentine of The Animals
June 2004

interview by Joel
click HERE
(webcasterU.com no longer exists, but I have the interview in plain text form)
I have to say that this was the most refreshing interview by far.  So, if you are tired,
as I am, of the same old questions that I've answered a million times before,
this is the interview to read!
APRIL 2004

 conducted by David 'Digger' Barnes of
www.sixtiespop.com AND www.retrosellers.com
April 2001

Spanish speaking fans can check out my review
of The Animals 1st EP at PopThing.com
April 2003

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