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The Animals Official Website covering 1963-1966
Site features audio clips, photos, news, discography and more!


I was inducted into the R&R Hall Of Fame in 1994  as a member of The Animals.  Just don't believe everything you read as they have me being born on two different days! ~still an honour though

On May 11, 2001  I was inducted into Hollywood's Rock Walk of Fame as a member of The Animals.  My handprint  is the 2nd from the left.

I visited Hollywood's Guitar Center  in May 2001 when I was inducted with The Animals into the Rock Walk of Fame.  This store is amazing & the vintage section left me gob smacked!  They even had a model of a Selmer TruVoice amp that I used back in the late 50's - early 60's when I was with The Wildcats.  I couldn't believe it!
Pay a visit to DoctorVox's website; North Coast Music.  It is a very extensive online music shop.   He has everything VOX.... everything specializing in the British Invasion.  He's extrememly knowledgeable and very helpful.  Superb personal service.


Tim Fletcher runs this super informative website featuring everything you could ever want to know about Selmer amps.  I used Selmer amps back in my Wildcats days and also in the early Animals days.

To quote the webpage itself:  "The VOX Showroom is the most complete source of VOX amplifier, guitar and organ information on the Internet. " 
- this is VOX Heaven.


This site isn't affiliated with Rickenbacker Guitars but it is fun and informative.  Click on the Registration Page - no you don't have to register your name or anything - and have fun!  This site contains an artist roster, rarities section, serial number listings and more!

You really must see these 2 lads live.  With just a guitar and drums they deliver a driving sound.  Their music is drenched in heavy 60s - early 70s rock.  See what they are up to.

The absolute greatest live band you can see today!
Combine a whole lot of 60’s rock’n’roll, a few fistfuls of soul, a hip flask of rhythm & blues, and a splash of surf and you get the musical phenomenon that is the Woggles. From songs that shake the rafters to shows that make for “a dance party rave-up that could melt Dick Clark’s face off” (Village Voice), the Woggles are a four-man delivery system for 200-proof, butt-shakin’ rock’n’roll.


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