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Billy Boy, harmonica player w/ The Yardbirds
auditions for Hilton's skiffle group
Dec 9 2006
(photo courtesy of Russ Garrett -

If you were at The York House in Twickenham on Dec 2nd and took
photos of Hilton fronting The Yardbirds for "Midnight Special", please
send in a photo for us to use on the site.

Aboard the Riverquest for the private SKIFFLEDOG cruise
Sept 10 2006

Hilton playing with Chris Dreja (left) and the rest of the Yardbirds
July 20, 2006
Springfield MA
some comments from the Mohegan Sun and Springfield gigs
***Hilton really knocked me out with his playing, just great to see him with the band!
***The band picked up steam quick when Hilton went on stage and played the old classic "Let It Rock".
The energy picked up quick.
***Smokestack Lighting for me was a real treat especially having Hilton Valentine on stage.

Jillian (12 yr old fiddler phenom!) kickin' it up on Diggin' My Potatoes
with Hilton at The Old Dublin June 25, 2006

Hilton at The Old Dublin April 2006

Hilton at The Old Dublin - Wallingford CT 02/26/06
Hilton at The Old Dublin Feb 2006

Dave, Pat + Hilton at The Old Dublin 02/26/06
Dave, Pat & Hilton at The Old Dublin Feb 2006

Donovan & Hilton
Warner Theatre Torrington CT July 03, 2005

Donovan & Hilton
Singing "Ballad of a Crystal Man" together July 03, 2005

referring to Ballad of a Crystal Man in an excerpt from his email
Hilton-  I  love  my song  on  your disc (not  called  records  anymore!)
Love Don


Chip Damiani of  The Remains                                                          David Hurd

Thanks to Chip & Dave for helping me out with my Skiffledog CD

Hilton & Eric Aug 2003

Hilton & Eric Aug 2003

Link Wray & Hilton
Link, I am privileged to have met you.  Rest in peace my friend. May 2, 1929 -  Nov 05, 2005.
(To quote contest winner Tony Dawson-Hill from Hertsfordshire England)
The great and awesome Link Wray!!
with Hilton March 2003

The Jet City Fix with Hilton March 2003

June 2002

October 2001

LtoR: Phil, Dick, Hilton, Wally
Hilton with The Pretty Things at
The Village Underground August 25, 2001

I saw the August 25 show at the Village Underground because I also wanted to see the Cynics. The Pretties were great of course. This was the third time I had seen them -- the first in 1975 and then in 1999.   I spoke with others in the crowd who had seen them the night before and by all accounts the Saturday show  was better. From the song list I see posted, the band added many more songs, spending more time on songs from Parachute.  Because the Village  Underground is such a small club, the band members were accessible. I spoke with Phil and Dick after the show. The amazing part of this performance was when the band invited Hilton Valentine (guitarist for the Animals) on stage for two songs (ed. note: 3 songs - Big Boss Man, LSD, Old Man Going). I wish the Pretty Things had a bigger fan base in the US so they would tour here more often. Robin Shepard <>  Merced, CA USA - Thursday, August 30, 2001 at 01:54:24 (BST)

Robby and Hilton Robby and Hilton
Hilton with Robby Krieger at
The Webster Theatre August 16, 2001

The two hour+ set included some nice twists and surprises, such as keyboard player Steve Bach's accordion on 'Alabama Song', and Robby pulling out an electric solid body ax for an extended flamenco intro to one of his signature tunes, 'Spanish Caravan'. The special treat of the evening, was the guest performance of British guitarist / ex-Animal (and current CT resident) Hilton Valentine, who humbly and graciously added his Strat (ed. note: actually it is a Telecaster) licks to 'House of the Rising Sun', 'Roadhouse Blues' and 'Little Red Rooster'. - from a review by Chris Reese

Hilton and Roger McGuinn
Hilton and Roger McGuinn at
The Oakdale July 21, 2001

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