HARP magazine
August 2004
Rants & Faves

BBC Radio Scotland
Senior producer, Stewart Cruickshank: 

"Genius Animals guitarist returns to roots in fine style.  A fine selection of material which we'll be playing frequently in weeks and months to come.  (Valentine's) own songs more than stand up to Mr Lennon's and Mr Leitch's."

Northeast Performer
magazine October 2004

referring to Ballad of a Crystal Man

..................Hilton-  I  love  my song  on  your
disc (not  called  records  anymore!)................



I love it - think it's absolutely brilliant!!  Hope Hilton decides to record some more stuff.
~Tony D., England

Hey I thought you'd be interested to know that my son who is 10 asks me to play your CD every time he gets in the car. He loves your rendition of Working Class Hero as much as I do along with the River Tyne. You know you've got some great songs when they can touch the soul of a 10 year old.
~Kevin E., USA

I've been listening to the Skiffledog CD and I
have to say I'm enjoying it very much.  Well done Hilton, it's great to hear a new record from you...your version of Working Class Hero is the best I've heard. Better than John Lennon's and even better than Marianne Faithfull's. Great photos on the insert and back of the CD. 

I think it is brilliant. The songs you composed yourself are of a really high standard and I also like your version of John Lennon's Working Class Hero. I hope you have lots of luck with your CD and other people enjoy it as much as I have.
~ David C., England

Hilton's CD is very appealing on quite a deep level. The music, guitar and vocals really get inside your head. It's a masterpiece, without a doubt. 
~Jay  W., Japan

Just finished listening to your c.d. a few times. Great stuff! Your voice has matured well. My only critique would be I was dissappointed when it ended. It could have gone on much longer. Ah! But there's a good reason for another one. Hopefully soon?????
two thumbs up.  Thanks, there's so little to listen to nowadays.
~Tom R., USA

We were knocked out and Floored by your new Cd. Your Guitar playing was awesome as well as vocals!!!! The songs were outstanding!! The T-shirt was Great. It would be nice if you could make it to Buffalo for a concert. PS:You still have the magic.
~Gary & Dan B. , USA

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